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Technologies Are Made To Serve Human Being

We create dedicated internet systems

We design, build, and maintain dedicated Internet and intranet systems for local and international companies. Our systems support critical business areas and processes that require a customized approach. We supply the following services:

E-Business Systems

Applications that facilitate product and service sales and ensure a high level of Web-based customer support — Internet stores, electronic banking, ERPs, employee management system, payroll system, attendance management system, university management system, school management system, hospital management system, point of sale, supply chain, eCRM, and order support systems.


Systems that streamline information sharing both inside and outside the organization — Web sites, internal portals, and extranet solutions.

Workflow Systems

Systems to receive and process (electronic forms). Systems that support business process inside and outside of organizations.

Other Dedicated Apps

Systems to handle selected business processes within an organization — books, sales support, operational CRM, e-learning, etc.